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Hand Feeder for Hummingbirds

by Patty Koetting

It’s certainly a joy to be able to “get up close and personal” with hummingbirds.
I devised a hand feeder, which they readily accept, and is very easy to make, and
costs about 50˘ per feeder. We also keep one handy for “nursing” injured hummers.

The base is actually a single stem, bud “vase” which can be purchased
at any floral shop. I was charged ten cents each for mine. It comes
with a rubber, or vinyl cap, which has a hole in the center.

The “flower” parts were made from chenille stems (known as pipe
cleaners in the “olden days”). These can be purchased at most
any craft center for around fifty cents for 25 pieces.

I bent several (as shown above) to form petals, which I then affixed to the
base, using red yarn, wrapping tightly to hold the stems in place. I finished the
project by using yellow craft paint to “dot” the rubber cap of the base.

Those of you who are artistic could probably improve on my primitive
design. I have also used a red, artificial flower, with the center cut
out, to insert the base, and this works well also.

Fill your feeder and enjoy. They are easy to clean, and mine haven’t faded with
time. They make wonderful gifts for your friends and family who also love hummingbirds.

Patty Koetting
Lake of the Ozarks, MO
ozark66 AT