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Green Violet-ear (GRVE) Hummingbird Sightings in CONUS for 2011

Keats, Riley Co, KS - ~ June 10-11, 2011

"The note on Surfbirds a few days ago was accurate; there was a Green 
Violet-ear (Colibri thalassinus) identified at a feeder near Keats 
(Riley County). The hosts for this bird (who IDed it before contacting 
anyone) were asked about the possibility of putting a notice on the 
KSBIRD-L listserv, but declined that opportunity when it was explained 
to them that it might mean a host of KS birders would be asking to come 
visit their house and garden. I think we have to respect those wishes in 
all situations, so there was no note to the KS list at the time. Several 
Manhattan-area birders were invited, by the hosts, to see the bird, and 
I was able to get some decent pictures that will allow the KBRC to rule 
on whether or not this species can be added to the Kansas bird checklist. 

I have been told by the hosts that the bird has apparently moved on; it 
has not been seen for a couple of days. I asked them if it would be OK 
to post a note now, with a link to some pictures that I was able to get 
on Saturday June 11, 2011. They agreed to allow that, so here is the 
note. And here is the link to the pictures. 

A report has been sent to the KBRC by at least two people (including 
me); if accepted this would be the first record for this tropical 
hummingbird in the state of Kansas. Many of our surrounding states have 
hosted one or more of these birds in the past, and, indeed, there are 
accepted records for the species in some of the Canadian provinces, so 
the appearance of the bird here is not hugely surprising. The only 
adjacent state without a record for this species is Nebraska; I hope 
that the Keats bird flew north and that someone in Nebraska gets the 
thrill of finding this bird in the next week or so! 




Ingram TX - Sunday June 12, 2011 thru at least Tuesday June 21, 2011

From: Birding discussion list for Texas 
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 12:50 PM 
Subject: [texbirds] Green Violet-Ear 

A green violet-ear showed up last Sunday and has been coming briefly off and on 
throughout the days since. I had a green violet-ear from May 15, 2009 through 
the end of June 2009 and I waited for his return in 2010, but he was a no show. 

I am thrilled he is back although I am not sure if this is the same bird. He 
looks different and is not as vocal, but who knows. 

Melissa Isom 
Ingram, Texas


Shelter Bay, Alger Co. MI - Sat. July 2 thru Sun. July 3

From the Michigan birding list for 2 July: 

"Scott Hickman (who currently does not have internet) just called and asked me 
to relay the sighting of a Green Violet-Ear at his feeder (in Shelter Bay, Alger 
Co.) today, possibly the same bird which showed up in his vicinity a few years 

->Zach Gayk" 

Apparently, the big green bird was seen at 06:00 today, but it hasn't been seen since.
I understand that images were taken.
This is the 6th Green Violetear record from Michigan,
which has more records of this rare species than any 
other state outside of Texas.


Real Co. TX - Sat. June 25, 2011
Unconfirmed report on e-birds alert. (per NLN)


Abilene, TX - Fri. July 8-9, 2011

Hi TexBirders, 

I posted some pictures of the Green Violetear seen earlier today at my father's house. 

Also, I figured I'd follow up a little bit more about the bird. We first saw it at around 4:30 pm today and watched it until 
around 6:45 pm. It came in regularly but sporadically. It spent a lot of time in the shade of an oak tree near the flowers 
where it was feeding, just trying to stay out of the 105 degree heat. 

When we returned from dinner after 8pm, the bird appeared to be nowhere in sight, but after careful observation, I 
spotted it in the middle of the dense oak, sitting fairly still. I strongly suspect he was getting settled for the night and will 
roost in the tree. 

As this garden doesn't get regularly watched for bird activity, I have no idea if the bird showed up today or if it's been 
around for weeks. 

Again, if you want to chase the bird, email me and I'll reply offline with directions and instructions. I will be traveling this
weekend and may be a tiny bit slow in responding, but I've got a phone and will be checking it regularly to correspond. 
Also, if you do chase the bird, please report whether you see it or not. 


-- Jay Packer 


Petoskey, Emmet Co. MI - Wed./Thurs. July 13-14, 2011


Attica, Fountain Co. IN - Sun. July 31, thru at least Thurs. Aug 4


Elkton MD - Oct. 10→12, 2011

Clarksville MD - Oct. 24→26, 2011